Letter from the Editor: One Year of 1912 Pike

There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t survive without coffee. Working for 20 years as a journalist, it was the only feasible way to start my day. As a mom of three including a dynamic duo, I joked I should make a bumper sticker that said, “Having twins means never ordering decaf.” The brown liquid in my cup was a means to an end. I had no idea it would become a joy and a new way to connect with some pretty amazing people.

That’s just what we hope 1912 Pike has become for you. Launched one year ago on National Coffee Day, this Starbucks coffee blog was created for people who are curious about coffee and want to learn more. Our intention is to offer approachable, memorable and authentic stories with coffee at their core. To make that happen, the 1912 Pike team has had the honor of working with our partners around the world to tell these stories. From our highly skilled and surprisingly tiny team of master roasters behind every batch of coffee to the infinitely passionate baristas who work so hard to perfect their craft.

What is the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino , really? In our Taste and Drinks section, we dove into Coffee 101. We highlighted coffee innovation in drinks like Nitro Cold Brew . We travelled to Costa Rica , Sumatra and Mexico to follow the coffee bean’s journey from farm to cup. We met fascinating people like Felix, a young Tarrazú coffee farmer embracing the latest technology to face challenges in the industry. Our How-Tos explore the world of brewing equipment from the Chemex to the pour-over . Our resident experts shared tips to help make the perfect cup of coffee at home . Recipes like the Cold Brew Tonic and Coffee Ice Cubes provided practical and tasty new concoctions to try. And in Cool Stuff Now, we explored things like the chemistry behind what sometimes feels like the magic of coffee .

As we head into the next year of coffee goodness, we hope to continue the conversation. Just like our namesake – the original Starbucks store – our stories will showcase the highest quality coffee in the world and the passionate Starbucks partners behind it. We also hope to explore the good that comes from coffee in communities. And there is so much good! Who would have known. I sure didn’t.

I’ve lived in the shadow of Starbucks headquarters my whole life. But it wasn’t until I started to work here this year that I was afforded a unique look behind the corporate curtain. This place is legit. It is not a company that is too big or too greedy to care. They care more than anyone on the planet about finding the highest-quality coffee and ensuring its future for everyone. They share what they learn about making coffee sustainable, even with those who don’t work with us directly. Starbucks is using its scale for good with a long-term commitment to the success of coffee communities around the world. I know it sounds like I drank the coffee Kool-Aid (new recipe, perhaps?) but I thought you should know this.

Coffee will continue to fuel me. But now in a different way. I hope you’ll join me on this coffee journey.

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