A Miracle From Sumatra in Starbucks Anniversary Blend

For the families who own and work on the small, rugged coffee farms of Sumatra, Indonesia, the full-bodied beans they cultivate are nothing short of a miracle. Despite the coffee’s remote location and the long journeys required to reach it, people from around the world have revered Sumatran coffees for centuries.

Long ago, Sumatran coffee was transported to Europe in the wooden hulls of sailing ships where it took on intriguing flavors. Since 1996, Starbucks has been honoring the the passage of time with our Anniversary Blend. To make Starbucks® Anniversary Blend, we carefully age rare Sumatra coffee for three to five years, then combine it with other thoughtfully chosen coffees. The result is a complex, hearty flavor with distinctive, cedary spice notes that our customers have come to know and love.


Complex and full-bodied with distinctive spicy flavor that’s amazingly bold


Starbucks® Anniversary Blend will be available for a limited time at select Starbucks® stores across the U.S.

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